Holcam Shower Doors Are Some Of The Best On The Market

Whether you are looking for doors for a shower stall or for your bathtub, Holcam is easily one of the best manufacturers and retailers of shower doors and replacement doors. If you are in the market for the best bathroom shower enclosure doors you don’t have to look further than Holcam shower doors.

When you are looking for ideas to change the entire style of your bathroom, take a look at the many styles offered by Holcam including delightful options featuring modern and contemporary designs. They have more choices than many of their competitors and also offer some of the best prices on the market today. Many of their exquisite models also come with a warranty or can be purchased at discount prices.

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Herein you will discover some of the most popular shower doors that you can choose from in order to provide your bathroom with a complete new look. With Holcam you can also expect to gain some of the most affordable prices on the market today.

Holcam offers a wide selection of corner enclosures, one of the more popular of which is the Neo Angle Enclosure. It is also known as the S-4.  This model includes a vinyl glazed door that is built with two side panels.  The height of this model is 71 ½ inches but can also be found in the optional size of 64 ¾ inches. The door is 36 inches. You can also acquire numerous other custom options with this enclosure.


The SL-4 is another model that Holcam offers in the corner enclosure series.  This shower includes a silicone glazed frame and two return panels. The standard height is 70 inches but it can also be acquired at the optional height of 63 ¼ inches. The door is 33 inches.

MX & MX-2

Holcam also offers a huge selection of hinged shower doors. Two such models include the MX and MX-2. These are both single swing shower doors with a full hinge. The frame is deluxe vinyl glazed and also includes a 1 inch expandable jamb. These doors can be found in one of two standard heights which are: 63-7/8 inches or 70-5/8 inches.


With Holcam you can also acquire what are known as door and panel enclosures for your shower. The A-10 is one such model that has a height of 63-1/8 inches. You can choose to have the door hinge off the wall or off the panel.  It features a vinyl glazed frame door that also includes a panel brace but no header.


Another popular door and panel enclosure from Holcam is known as the S-5.  This is a model that offers a swing out shower door that includes two inline panels. The standard measurements are 71-½ inches in height or a optional height of 64-¾ inches. This model includes a vinyl glazed framed panel and door with a header. This model can also be custom configured.

These are a few of the most popular and effective shower doors that you can take advantage of in order to truly transform the entire look and feel of your bathroom. If you are interested in obtaining prices for any of the shower door models presented above, you can contact Holcam directly at 206-772-7800 to obtain instant quotes. You can also browse through their website http://www.holcam.com and explore all the options available.

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Posted 1354 days ago
If you are looking for the best styles at the most affordable price when it comes to shower doors you have to turn to the experts. Holcam shower doors features the best styles at the best prices.
Posted 1363 days ago
When it comes to finding the best shower doors available to potential consumers, Holcam shower doors have you covered. They feature some of the best models on the market place today.
Posted 1417 days ago
If you are looking for a wide variety of shower door styles to choose from, then you should turn to Holcam. They feature one of the largest selections of shower doors and enclosures to choose from.

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