Are Mirolin Shower Doors Affordable?

Mirolin is a popular home improvement organization that offers consumers a large and quality driven selection of shower doors and shower parts. In addition to offering attractive discount prices, most of their showers and shower doors also come backed with a warranty.

Mirolin truly puts you in complete control of your shower design by offering you numerous design options which you can also mix-and-match to create a unique design for your home bathroom.

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Herein you will discover some of the most popular and most relied on shower doors and shower models offered by Mirolin. Each of these shower doors are reasonably priced and are also easy to install with very little effort.

The Mirolin Tri-Panel Shower Door is a unique and modern shower enclosure door that consists of a three glass panel design. These shower doors come with a trackless glide system. The Mirolin Tri-Panel Shower Door features a standard opening of 60 inches and can be acquired in over a dozen styles which allow you to choose the color of the frame and the type of glass that is used in the bathroom shower doors themselves.

Mirolin shower doors also features a wide variety of corner shower doors that come in contemporary designs. These shower doors are available in 38 inches and 42 inches for specific use with a corner shower stall. These corner shower doors from Mirolin are specifically designed to be used with the Mirolin line of showers which can be found in a wide variety of choices and with numerous options.

The Madison series of showers from Mirolin is completely compatible with all types of shower doors and replacement doors from Mirolin. The Madison 5 includes the following model number and dimensions: SH53L/R - 60"W X 34.25"D X 84.25"H. This shower is sure to give you many design ideas when you are considering the complete renovation of your shower. It is a three piece shower that can be purchased with or without a seat.

Mirolin also offers a three piece 48 inch shower set which can be found with the following specifications: 874835AL/R - 48"W X 35"D X 78"H   121.9W X 90.2D X 193H cm. This is one of the retailer’s most popular shower models and is considered by many home improvement experts to be one of the best on the market. It can also be acquired in a variety of styles and colors.

If you are looking for a large 48 inch 1 piece shower unit instead of the 3 piece unit, you can check out this larger than shower from Mirolin that offers these dimensions: 314836ACL/R - 48"W X 35"D X 76"H   121.9W X 90.2D X 193H cm. Like all shower models from Mirolin, this too can be found in any color choice that you choose. This shower is simply known as the 48 inch shower stall.

The Madison 3 comes equipped with these specifications: SH33L/R - 38"W X 34.25"D X 84.5"H   96.5W X 87D X 214.6H cm. This is a smaller model but is also one of the manufacturer’s most popular showers.

Every Mirolin shower model can be viewed exclusively on their website: For pricing information and quotes, call them directly at (416) 231-9030.

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Posted 1361 days ago
When it comes to style and selection, Mirolin can't be beat. They offer a large library of shower doors and shower part styles and options to choose from. With so many styles available, you will have a hard time choosing just one.
Posted 1384 days ago
The installation of Mirolin shower doors is very simple. Whether you are attempting to install shower doors on your own or have an expert do the work for you, you will quickly discover that these amazing shower doors are very easy to install.
Posted 1421 days ago
If you are looking for a large selection of shower doors and shower parts then you will be pleased with what you will find with Mirolin. Mirolin offers a huge selection of shower doors with numerous options and styles.

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